Non Prescription Glasses Become A Hot Trend

It used to be that wearing reading glasses would label a person as a nerd or a geek. Reading glasses were consigned to libraries and chemistry labs. Today things have changed and non prescription glasses have suddenly become transformed into a cool fashion accessory. You can learn more about non prescription glasses in the rest of this article.

Real prescription reading glasses have lenses that can magnify small print. On the other hand, non prescription glasses do not have any magnifying ability. They sometimes go by the name of fashion glasses or piano glasses. The person who wears them acquires the panache of reading glasses but the lenses are actually just plain glass. One reason these glasses have become popular is because they are now being designed and produced in a huge array of styles and materials. Some of the current hot glass frames are made from plastic or titanium.

You can get the new hot look in fashion eye wear without having to go to the eye doctor to get a prescription. As they have become more of a hot fashion trend, the prices have come down and you can get a look that comes straight from the fashion runway for a reasonable price. If you actually do need to wear glasses then you can still get your prescription safety glasses.

Lots of celebrities have been spotted wearing these newly fashionable accessories. Last year Tom Ford included Plano glasses when he showed his collection.

Wearing non prescription glasses is a way you can create an image of yourself as a sincere and hard working person. When you go to a job interview, you may be able to look much more business like than the competition if you are wearing glasses.

Why not take up the latest hot trend and get some non prescription glasses for yourself. They are suitable for everyone whether young or old, pop star or business executive. Try some today.