Building An Amber Necklace and Earrings Collection

Jewelry which incorporates amber into its design is one of my favorites, and something that I’ve been buying on a consistent basis for many years. One of the best things about this gem is that its so cheap to purchase compared to all the other options in the jewelers window. On top of that, every piece you find will have an air of the unique about it thanks to the fact that this natural stone is never the same twice. Of course you could say that all diamonds are unique as well but the fact that you are buying a genuine piece of fossil that is obvious to anyone’s eye is a great selling point.

Amber also has a history about it, they way that it was formed and when, and where it came into existence. It can come from many interesting different places around the world with countries like Poland, Latvia, Russia and many other Eastern European countries providing the bulk of the supply.

The artists how make use of it to create jewelry are proud of the pieces they craft, and it shows in the beautiful silver designs that they come up with. With all things considered I can’t imagine myself collecting any other type of jewelry. Its because of my love for amber and the usual high quality that I am always so stunned to find an absolutely horrible chunky beaded amber necklace. Bizarrely, such things are not as rare as they should be. They are mass produced to try to take advantage of people with little taste and are created from many pieces of lower quality stones, but often at a price that is far too high.

If you are looking to start building a collection of amber earrings or necklaces on your own then you will want to find a high quality store in your local area where you can get the help of a knowledgeable salesperson who you can trust so that you get off on the right foot with quality pieces.