Simple Muscle Building Workouts For All

Weight lifting is serious business. If you just want to play along and not take it seriously then you will not see any serious gains. In fact you will even risk injury so I suggest you do not engage in this unless you have the determination to allot at least a year or two of dedicated lifting.

I have always been a believer of quick and efficient workouts that last for under an hour. Tiring your body too much will also not work in your favor. Below are some of my recommended weight lifting workouts.

For a complete upper body workout, I recommend doing the Bench Press. This is probably the most effective at toning your body since it activates a couple of muscle groups at once. Try not to just lift with your arms though as the main focus of this exercise is your chest. To involve your chest, clip your shoulders a bit so that your back will create an arch, allowing your chest to do most of the lifting.

Another workout that is quite good for bulking up is the Squats. Not only is this good for your lower body but it is responsible for releasing a lot more hormones that will aid you in developing bigger and stronger muscles. Avoid back injury at all costs here by leading out with your buttocks. This transfers most of the pressure to your quads instead of the back.

Finally you should do Dead Lifts. These are very good for your hamstrings and arms primarily but also involves your back in the process. You do not want to be lifting with just your back though since it cannot handle the weight all on its own. Keep the barbell close to your legs at all times so that your back will not do all the lifting.

The exercises above are all compounded and should save you some time in the gym. Do not forget to also incorporate in your daily life a good muscle building diet. This way, you are sure that you have the correct nutrients to be able to build more muscles effectively.