Six Reasons Why You Find Your Computer Running Slow

Does it seem like your computer is not going as fast as it used to? There some common reasons why you might find your computer running slow. Here, I’ll show you six of the most common issues and the types of solutions you can try.

  • Do you need to cut back on the amount of running applications? All applications use up RAM memory and CPU which slows your system down. Try closing down as many programs as possible and getting rid of background tasks you don’t need.
  • Is your registry corrupted? Registry key damage can cause slow startup times, slow internet access and interfere which applications. Rollback changes that been made to the Windows registry file using System Restore. Alternatively, use a registry cleaner software tool.
  • When was the last time you updated your applications? Old applications use old code, all device drivers and old utilities. Getting the latest versions of your software will help you improve performance for those specific applications.
  • Have you left free space on the hard drive for virtual memory? It is recommended to keep 5% of your disk free for this purpose. Windows uses virtual memory for running applications more quickly. You can reach the 5% mark by getting rid of unused software you don’t use.
  • Have you checked for viruses? A simple virus or malware application could actually do a major amount of damage to your system and run the background without your knowing (draining much needed resources). Run a full scan of the hard disk and external storage. Always make sure you have the latest virus definitions before running the scan.
  • Did you run disk defragmenter recently? If you haven’t then maybe it’s time you should. File fragmentation slows down hard drive access times which can, over a long period of time, actually ruin your performance.