Track and Field Shoes & Tips For Better Performance

There are so many things you need to think about in track and field. If anything goes wrong performance will decrease and you might lose your position. We are taking a closer look at what we think are the most important tips in track and field. You probably know some of these already, but repetition is always a good thing.

1. Shoes

You need to pick the right track and field shoes for the particular event you plan to participate in. Sprinting shoes for throwing events would not end well. For a more comprehensive shoe guide for track and field events you should check out track and field shoes. Make sure to do a proper research before you buy anything. Testing the shoes is also recommended. Also note that women s track and field shoes are different from men’s.

2. Eat Healthy

This one is really important. Don’t fill up your stomach with McDonalds food right before the race (actually Bolt ate their nuggets when setting world record), but you get the point. Eat a simple bagel or something similar in the morning and fill up water. Avoid energy drinks e.g. Gatorade as you might actually perform worse with them.

3. Avoid Worrying

This one can be hard. We all have many thoughts floating around our head before an important event. You would want to get rid of every one of the negative ones. These can be everything from “I’m not going to make it” and “What should I eat for dinner today”. Replace them with e.g. “This is going great”.

4. Balance Your Effort

One of the hardest aspects of track and field events, and many other sports, is to conserve energy to be able to perform the best. What we mean by this is to not exert yourself unnecessary in the first half only to perform poorly in the rest of the race.

5. Thinking

Now is the time to think through the race. Especially you want to consider what you did right. Write down a list of everything that you think you did great. Make a habit of this and soon you will see that the things on this list will become your strong points. Thinking too much about things that was not as great should be avoided.