Conquering the Fear of Self-Promotion

Virtually all artists (except the ones with gigantic egos) go through a lot of emotional chaos promoting their art. The harsh truth is, art needs people to experience it. Artists may love toiling away in their isolation of their studios, but without exposure, the artistic process is actually incomplete.

If you’re a creative and have grappled with promoting yourself as an artist, luckily a simple method of promotion exists that doesn’t elicit any of the emotional turmoil most artists suffer trying to find their audience. This procedure harnesses the capabilities of the web to draw people towards you, instead of forcing you to search for them.

Tens of millions use search engines every day, looking for the most obscure services and products imagined. Statistically speaking, whatever form of art you make, somebody is searching for it online. Harnessing the potential of Google’s free Keyword Tool, you can find the particular phrases people use, then build those phrase into your website, at once dramatically increasing the possibility of reaching an audience.

While you may draw “graphic novels”, that exact phrase might experience too much competition, but using the Keyword Tool can help you discover other, longer keyword phrases that surfers are also using. Some examples might be “underground graphic novels” or “new graphic novelists” — phrases that have less traffic but also much less competition. Neglecting to do this keyword research could determine whether or not people ever find your site online.

Best of all, this process is about helping people locate what they already want — the art you create! In the recent past, artists were confined to local geographic regions, but thanks to search engines, the entire planet is your potential audience. So whether you want folks to see your new graphic novel, delight in your unusual sculptures or promote your band, using the process above will help you reach the audience that’s ready to find you!