Do You Want To Become An Ultrasound Technician?

This is an exciting career choice as it offers such varied opportunities. Your working day will be very different from one day to the next. Once qualified you can work anywhere in the world. It is well paid particularly if you specialize in a certain field.

Ultrasound technology has been adapted in various different medical situations from the traditional use in pregnancy to being used in the treatment of cancer, heart conditions and neurological problems. Not only has the equipment used been improved by advances in technology but medical research has also changed the way procedures are dealt with. Certain health conditions are now treatable with minor procedures whereas once these conditions were life threatening and required major surgery. There are huge risks associated with opening someone in the operating theater and everyone, both patients and medical teams, are keen to avoid taking risks where possible.

For example, treating a blocked artery used to involve open heart surgery. Now, a qualified ultrasound technician with a specialism in cardiology can complete an angioplasty. In some cases the patient can go home a day or two after the procedure. Compare this to the recovery time required after major surgery. Not only is there less risk to the patient but there is less cost involved to the medical facility. With open heart surgery you need a team of experts in the operating room. With a routine angioplasty the medical expertise is provided by the sonographer and his staff.

Patients benefit too as their medical bills are lower and more importantly their quicker recovery time means that they can return to their normal life sooner. This means taking less time off work and reduces the risk of putting your family under financial pressure.

You have to complete a specific training program in order to qualify as an ultrasound technician. Most students will have completed a degree prior to taking their ARDMS certification exams. Some will complete a two year associated degree while others will have their four year bachelor’s degree.   There are exciting opportunities in this virtually recession proof qualification.  It is no wonder it is often the favorite in the healthcare certifications list.