Which Veggies Are Good For Grilling

The classic types of food that most people use for barbecues are steaks, hot dogs and hamburgers. Many of the meat and potatoes type of people don’t even like side dishes other than potatoes and other fattening foods. Problem is that there are other people that like grilled food but, are either vegetarian and don’t eat meat or else they just want some healthier alternatives to the classic potatoes and French fires side dishes. Most people know about sticking small potatoes into a campfire or inside the grill but, mnay don’t know about how delicious veggies can be when grilled.

It does not matter if you are using a coleman roadtrip lxe grill of you built in fire magic grill whatever you decide to use the vegetables will come out delicious. The first vegetable that is great grilled is corn on the cob. It is also considered a starch but, it is definitely considered a vegetable. Corn in general does not have to be cooked long. One can even eat it raw. If you put it on the grill and it just gets that slightly smoky look and taste that means its grilled enough.

Certain root vegetables are very good grilled as well. Zucchini is particularly good and can be put on the grill with the peel or without the peel. It should be cut into rounds and it also should not be grilled too  long as the grilling pulls  out its juices very quickly. Eggplant is another good grilling vegetable.  The peel should be taken off before grilling as it can be very bitter. If you cut them in rounds and salt them first then you may be able to get away with grilling them without peeling. Some of the harder root vegetables like carrots and beets should not be grilled as they will take a much longer time to  cook and will most probably not cook through and through.