Bed in a Bag – a Quick Makeover Solution for the Bedroom

The answer to any quick and easy bedroom makeover is here. A bed in a bag contains most of what anyone needs to refresh their room’s looks. A basic product already contains the sheets, bed skirt, comforter, and pillowcases, perhaps even one or two accent pillows. These bedding sets can be found in many linen shops and department stores everywhere.

They might just be called a bed set, but there are versions that are actually intended as a makeover, not only for the bed, but for the entire bedroom. These can contain window treatments, runners for tables or shelves and even hangings for the walls. There is also a lot of choice between this all-bedroom version and the basic set, so the customer can decide how far he or she is going to go. A buyer might find sets that are made with cotton and other typical materials, but there are also luxury sets that can be made with silk, goose down and others.

Another good thing about these bed sets is the fact that not one customer ever needs to do the color matches when redecorating themselves. These beds in a bag contain items that already have matched up shades and hues, from the comforters to the sheets, pillowcases, pillows and curtains. All anyone really has to do after purchase is set up the room and bed.

The sets are also less expensive than when the pieces are bought one by one. Also, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll obtain all the linens you need from the same store. So you see, the bed in a bag sets can help conserve your money and time. Cheap bed in a bag sets can be found at stores like Target, or you can search online for them. They can go for about 100 dollars on sites like Overstock and Amazon.