What is the Best Book for Beginning Meditation?

Meditation can be considered a form of higher learning. Through meditating, people are able to reach another level, another plateau within their own minds and consciousness. In the process they are able to learn much more about themselves, what is in within their hearts and minds and even their very souls, and consequentially about everything that is around them. It is certainly an apt description for an activity that only has positive benefits and only makes people better and their situations in life much more acceptable and easier to deal with. Those who meditate certainly know and feel that they have finally found the answer to most of their life’s troubles and worries.

Right from the start, I knew that meditation would be of help to me. I’ve long heard about meditation and what it could to help its practitioners, and I definitely wanted to do it ever since I first heard about it. The only trouble was that I was just too busy then and my time was pretty much used up for my work, which was really taking its toll on me. Too much stress was really getting to me in a big way, as I felt then that my health was beginning to break down. That was a cause for alarm for me, and I will readily admit that I was genuinely alarmed. Good thing I was able to find the time to start meditating by that time, and I immediately felt its benefits. Now that was really a pleasant surprise for me, and I came to believe in the positive effects of meditation more. As a beginner in meditation, I tried out simple mantra meditation and I have continued with ever since.

Meditation Books to Go For

During the time that I was a beginner in meditation, I had a teacher who helped me get through the early period of my meditating. Despite that, I also helped myself prepare for my foray into meditation through researching on my own. That meant going online to look at websites, and it also meant reading a lot of different books about meditation. Indeed, I’ve read quite a few. So I thought I would list down some that I thought can be qualified to be called the best book for beginning meditation.

Here are some of the more probable candidates for being on that list of the best book for beginning meditation:

• Meditation for beginners – Jack Kornfield

• Buddhist Meditation for Beginners – Jack Kornfield

• Easy Meditation Techniques for Beginners: 21 Experts Discuss How to Meditate and the Practice of Deep Daily Meditating – Zoe Salisbury

• The Beginner’s Guide to Meditation – Joan Borysenko, Ph. D.

• Beginner’s Guide to Buddhist Meditation: Practices for Mindful Living – Christina Feldman

• Quiet Mind: A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation – Susan Piver

• Keep it Simple: Daily Meditations for Twelve Step Beginnings and Renewal (Hazelden Meditation Series) – Anonymous

• Mindfulness for Beginners – Jon Kabat Zinn