How to Become a Ticket Broker from Home

Ticket brokers are involved in the purchase and resale of tickets primarily meant for sporting events, concerts, plays or other activities at a profitable margin. The profit margin that ranges from 50% to 400% is earned based on the demand and supply for the tickets. Venturing in this business line involves less effort and does not even require high investments. It however, needs the potential to choose shows or events that are in demand and thereby build huge profits.

For a better idea on how to become a ticket broker, one needs to have a thorough knowledge on the business and its related activities. The first requirement is to obtain a general business license. While few states issue a special “ticket broker” license. It is thereby necessary to consider reliable sources or official web sites that offer detailed information on the license. Since, the rules and policies differ from state to state. Following this a simple and appealing name that relates to the business should be given. A perfect logo should also be designed by taking the assistance of good advertising firms in order to target good customers. In addition, other mediums like newspapers, magazines, yellow pages etc. should also be used to attract customers. Another best means would be to set up a web site that enables selling the tickets online too.

Once the license is approved then the primary focus of a ticket broker should be to make a profitable business. The first step then should be to buy tickets; this can be done online or purchased from locations where the tickets are available. It would be ideal to first acquire the front row seats, as most spectators prefer seating here to watch the show. As a result, they would buy the front-row tickets even if sold at a higher value. It is also recommended, to approach web sites that facilitate to advertise and sell such tickets online. However, most sites charge a fixed amount for the services rendered. It is thereby regarded, that a profit yield of about 45-50% following sale of the tickets should be reasonably attained to make the business growing or profitable.

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