Best Ipad Cases and Covers with Bluetooth Keyboard

If you think you’ll be using your iPad frequently for typing,  you must definitely buy an Ipad Bluetooth keyboard because it will take you a long time to finish typing a page document using the virtual keyboard of the Ipad. You might just want to look for Ipad cases and covers that already include a bluetooth keyboard. They’re a bit costly but you’ll be able to save more because you don’t have to buy the an Ipad case and a wireless keyboard separately.

I’m an Apple Fan and I love the Ipad so much that I’m always updated when it comes to the best Ipad accessories. Here are the 2 best Ipad cases that have a Bluetooth keyboard.

ClamCase all-in-one Keyboard, Case and Stand for iPad

If you travel all the time for work or for whatever reason, you’ll find this case very especially when you’re on the plane because it can bend in lots of different directions.  You can use this case as a stand for your Ipad and you’ll love its full  QWERTY keyboard. It’s case is also extra hard so you’ll have the peace of mind that your Ipad is safe. It’s a bit expensive though compared to the other Ipad cases around, you can buy it at $149. I know, that’s costly but I think it’s worth your hard-earned money.

Writer Ipad Case

If you really want to convert your Ipad into a netbook, this is a must-buy. Just take a look at its pictures online and you’ll see why. It has a slick aluminum body and scissor action keys. The best thing about this Ipad case? It offers UNLIMITED screen angles, most of Ipad cases only offer 10-15 viewing angles so the Writer Ipad case really beats them all when it comes to that feature. It will also put your Ipad into sleep mode once you close the case.