Press Releases as an Internet Marketing Strategy

Building a business presence on the Internet is challenging and, as a business owner, you need to use every Internet marketing strategy at your disposal. There are rarely quick solutions that will generate results immediately, and those that may exist will cost a pretty penny, such as the world famous AdWords program Google created and, as a result, generates over 95 percent of its revenue from.

Press releases announce major events

If you have ever seen an short, information announcement, either through a news publication or another venue, about a business, then odds are it has been a press release. In traditional times, a press release was submitted and printed in the major media press outlets, namely newspapers. On the Internet, however, that limitation is long gone. Press releases are written and designed to be posted on a host of different outlets, from news to social media to other business sites. Any website that aims to have an effective Internet marketing strategy, press releases are an incredibly important ingredient to the equation.

Not to be confused with standard articles

Press releases should not be confused with standard articles such as those written and submitted to article submission directories. In those articles, general information is shared with the reader, either instructing them on a topic, viewpoint, procedure, or any number of points of interest. Press releases are designed to announce a very specific event, action, or revelation about a product, service, or organization.

Using a press release as an Internet marketing strategy can have several benefits for most web businesses. First, a press release informs the general public about the business, what it is or does, any upcoming events, such as workshops or seminars, or special sales. These press releases, however, are not advertisements and need to be written as copy, selling the business, idea, event, product, or service in such a manner that indicates a purpose that is relevant to the majority of the reading public.

Examples of effective press releases

Every business has to start from somewhere. And as such, every accomplishment that your business makes is something that can be shared with the public through press releases. Marking your 100th customer? How about reaching clients from 20 different nations? Maybe your business expanded or partnered with another business? These are opportunities to share with those you hope to become customers of yours.

These accomplishments may seem minor on the surface, but when you’re talking about standing out among the crowd of dozens upon dozens of businesses out there, every event is an important one when dealing with an Internet marketing strategy. The more customers, or potential ones, know about your business and the accomplishments it has made, the more comfortable they will be doing business with you.