What are the Benefits of Home Theater Subwoofers?

Buying a subwoofer is often not a trivial task. That’s because it requires quite a bit of knowledge about your audio system. There may be several reasons why you are interested in buying home subwoofers. If you feel like your stereo system is lacking bass, you should not immediately purchase a subwoofer box but rather analyse your room’s acoustic properties. Lack of bass is also often simply a speaker placement problem. Free standing loudspeakers that are positioned too far from the rear walls generally tend to produce smaller quantities of bass. Another reason may be your room dimensions that lead to all sorts of acoustic problems.

After you have completed all of these steps, you can start to experiment with subwoofers that are compatible with your speaker setup. Visiting a reputable audio retail store is a great idea. A good store will allow you to test-drive the subwoofer in your own home. This is much better than trying to find the cheapest source and buying without having listened to the product.

In general, a good home subwoofer should support the low frequency spectrum of your audio system, typically below 60 Hz. However, the bass should be unobtrusive. Therefore, subwoofers come with several adjustment knobs on the rear side. These allow you to fine-tune the performance to your personal needs. One good thing about most home subwoofers that they are active speakers which means they have their own built-in power amplifier and electronics. You don’t need to worry about your primary power amplifier because the subwoofer can be operated independently. All you need to do is usually connect the subwoofer box to the mains. For movies, I would even say that a subwoofer is essential because movies rely on special effects that are contained on the audio tracks of your movie DVDs.

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