Romantic Short Love Poems for Her

Being a hopeless romantic and having an amazing wife, I love writing short love poems for her as well as creating other meaningful surprises for her. My wife does love romance, loves surprises and really enjoys receiving a good short love poem. However, sometimes I have the capacity to get a little carried away.

If it was me, I would focus a lot of my time on going over the top in the romantic stuff, which I’ve done before. But when I do that, I sometimes I forget small little details in my haste for the romantic stuff. Those small details mean more to my wife than anything romantic I might do for her.

My wife wants to know I can take care of things. She wants to trust me with practical matters. She loves to be served in practical matters more than she loves the romantic things. So I’ve learned to step up my awareness and make sure all the details are taken care of before I go off galavanting trying to think of some new romantic thing to do.

My pattern reminds me so much of all these dramatic love songs out there saying how they’ll die for her, walk a million miles for her and do all these crazy things for their women. So few of these love songs actually talk about being there with her every day, serving her, doing the dishes, taking care of the small details, and all the little things that make such a big difference in relationships.

My opinion is that what means the most to women is all the small, detailed, trivial, practical matters. Getting milk on the way home. Making sure there are enough garbage bags. Cleaning the bathroom. Having things ready before guests come over. Taking care of the kids. Making sure the bills are handled. If you are on top of these matters, then your wife will love you like there’s no tomorrow. And she’ll love the short love poems and romantic stuff even more.