On Rainbeau Mars Yoga for Beauty and the Modern Perception of Yoga

In the past few years we have seen an increase in the popularity of Yoga. We have seen Yoga studios and classes springing up everywhere. It has reached the point where it is one of the more popular fitness activities together with aerobics, dancing and weight training. This is seen as positive thing by a lot of people since the lifestyle that most of us are leading is not really geared towards attaining a great and healthy body.

There are those however who are not so enthusiastic about the current popularity that Yoga is now enjoying. They are the ones who practice Yoga in its traditional form. They say that the current trend is causing confusion in the minds of the people.

Traditional Yoga- Yoga is an ancient practice that goes back to thousands of year in India. It is closely tied with the religious beliefs of the Hindus which is not a single religion but rather a collection of beliefs that are so varied and different yet is still interconnected by some traditions. Yoga means union and this union is the coming together of the individual spirit and the Universal Spirit. Yoga is the practice by which this union can be achieved.
The aim of yoga is to liberate the true self or the spirit from the clutches of the material world. This liberation is normally done in a gradual way and is achieved by a combination of practices. It can be done by breathing exercises, the discipline of the mind and meditation. The most famous aspect of yoga however and the one that is most visible and gaining numerous followers right now are the yoga asanas. These asanas or postures are supposed to help in controlling the breathing and through that aid the liberation of the self.
So yoga is not just the practice of different poses and postures. Rather it is a way of life that can help elevate an individual on the spiritual plane.

Modern Yoga– The traditional view of yoga is sometimes in direct conflict with the modern idea of yoga which is also the fuel behind its current popularity leading over 16 million Americans practicing it. One of the reasons why it is popular right now is because it is seen as an excellent way of keeping the body fit and healthy. The poses and postures that one has to learn in yoga is seen as equivalent as the exercises that one must perform ion other forms of exercises. Another reason why it is gaining a lot of adherents is the popularity of Rainbeau Mars yoga for beauty and other celebrity practitioners who recommend yoga as a means of enhancing beauty and one’s appearance. They say that the yoga poses can help the skin in looking healthy and young. While this ancient practice can indeed help in skin care there is so much more to it though.

If you spend enough time analyzing things you should see that traditional and true yoga is in direct conflict with what modern yoga is trying to teach us. It is up to you if you are going to fall for it or not.