Developing A Website With WordPress

Website development with WordPress can be easy and faster than you’d imagine. This article will present different paths to developing a WordPress site in very little time.

The first way to go is to get a free account at They won’t give you a unique domain name, instead providing something like, but it’s a speedy way to try out a site idea almost instantly. Publish pages and photos, test out different plugins and themes at absolutely no charge. Once you feel your project is ready for prime time, you can then purchase a domain name and which will host for you. It’s a speedy method of launching a project, but comes with a few limitations.

One drawback is that hosting is more costly than a regular hosting account. Additionally, you’re access to the installation files will be restricted which might pose a problem if you need specific customizations. But for anyone wanting a fast fix, it’s still an effective alternative.

The next major process for putting up a WordPress site is to find a site host that provides single-click WordPress installation. Most of the U.S.-based web hosting companies have this function which can save quite a bit of time getting a site up and running minus too many technical impediments. One potential cause for concern is that you may have to employ a pro down the road if you have any database problems, for most of the one-click installation services block editing your database directly. But as these circumstance are few and far between, they shouldn’t be cause for concern.

Learning WordPress can be a challenge when starting out (since there are almost endless options trying out plugins and themes). Luckily there are tons of training resources available, such as video tutorials that guide you through the whole process of developing your WordPress site. Do a search at HubPages or YouTube and you’ll discover a wealth of tips to help you build up your site.

The third and last path you can take is pretty obvious — pay a developer to set it up. WordPress provides for very affordable websites so the cost won’t be too high to get one set up. One possibly you can try is to start with a free site and see if you find it overwhelming to get started. If it’s easy, then you’re likely ready to dive in to building a WordPress site with your own hosting account — there are countless website packages that make this process very cost-effective. But if you get confused easily, then consider hiring a pro to assist you to get the site up. But don’t be afraid — you may still become thoroughly versed at work with the system… working an experienced professional just may help overcome your fears when first starting out.