The Reality of Living with Anxiety Attacks

The unfortunate reality of living with anxiety attacks is more prevalent than many assume. This affliction makes ordinary life very difficult for those who suffer from it. Both mental and physical symptoms present themselves with varying degrees of intensity among most who are plagued with this malady. Knowing the signs and symptoms, as well as activities to help relieve symptoms can bring peace and comfort, if applied correctly.

The physical indicators that come about during an anxiety attack are usually quite problematic. A person may sweat profusely and their body temperature may be extremely hot or cold. The feeling of choking, or the throat closing up can present a very real issue with proper breathing and being able to remain calm in any way. Additionally, a knotted or upset stomach and accompanying nausea may appear. These, among other misfortunes, make for a disturbing and painful existence when dealing with apprehension and worry.

A great many phobias also exist for the sufferer. A loss of the sense of reality, panic, and confusion can make a person feel like they are out of control mentally. Even if the afflicted is aware the fears are irrational, they still cannot escape the emotional turmoil that ensues. Being able to employ anxiety reduction techniques may take practice to perfect, but can prove immensely beneficial in combatting the aforementioned symptoms.

Exercise is perhaps one of the simplest and most constructive ways to combat anxiety issues. Exercise releases natural endorphins in the brain, which can produce calming effects that counteract the manifestations in the anxious. A variety of relaxation and focused-breathing practices are also vastly popular in therapy and treatment. A combination of techniques may prove to be the most beneficial. The effectiveness of therapeutic means, much like the symptoms, will vary from one individual to another.

Life presents different challenges to different people. How to deal with and overcome those challenges is a primary goal for many. Living with anxiety attacks is certainly not an easy task, but, with the correct actions taken, it is possible for life to be easier.