York C102 Cycle Review – Great for General Fitness Levels

The York C102 Cycle really is something else when it comes to getting fit and trying to lose weight.  This is one feature packed exercise bike and helps you along the way using a combination of comfort, technology, and sheer will power.  The winning features includes aspects such as the ergonomically shaped hand pulse sensors – these allow you to measure your vital statistics plus has a target heart rate alarm.  For home exercise I don’t think you can go far wrong.  This is my full and impartial York C102 Cycle review designed to tell you all you need to know about this superb exercise bike.

The immediate features I have already mentioned are designed to keep you on track with your fitness progress whilst enhancing any workout you do, letting you set yourself new challenges in your own time.  Let’s say you want to burn some calories and want to improve general fit levels then this really is the best exercise bike for you.  The York C102 Cycle delivers on so many different levels as I am going to describe now in more detail.

However, and before you go any further, if you do want something a bit more advanced then you will do well to read my York C301 Cycle review.  The York C301 Cycle is more expensive than the C102 and does have more capabilities – but for someone looking to improve their general fitness levels at an affordable price you are best suited to the York C102 Cycle.

Plus if comfort is key to your success then you really will love the small touches added to the York C102 Cycle.  For example; it comes with a quick ‘pull-pin’ adjustable seat and multi-position handlebars.  You can also measure your fitness improvements using the advanced built-in Fitness Test.

The padded seat is comfort personified and you won’t have any problems setting up the York C102 Cycle.  All your personal data is displayed using the on board LCD computer which has a large screen – it’s dead easy to operate and understand too which will appeal to the technophobic readers amongst you.

Don’t worry about getting bored because you can constantly challenge yourself with this stationary exercise bike.  That’s down to the different tensions that are available – for example you really do feel like you are on a energy sapping hill climb on some of the more advanced rides.  The York C102 Cycle includes eight varying levels of magnetic resistance plus five awesome training programmes designed to keep your motivation high so you can always challenge yourself on a daily basis.

If space is at a premium then the York C102 Cycle will easily pack away into a cupboard or a wardrobe.  It is space efficient and can be easily moved between rooms.  For peace of mind you will also benefit from a lifetime frame warranty and One Year Other Parts Guarantee.

If you want to improve your general fitness levels and lose some weight then the York C102 Cycle could be just the exercise bike that you are looking for.