Four Cheap Patio Ideas

Need a new patio but don’t have it in your budget? An old and decrepit patio can be an eyesore, but getting a new one doesn’t have to be a drain on the family finances. Here are four patio ideas that will help you get a new patio for a fair price without compromising on quality:

(1) First, use an inexpensive material, but don’t use a cheap material. This is an important distinction – going with something like asphalt will save you a ton of money, but I can guarantee you will not be happy with the final results. You’ll want to get something in the middle between concrete/asphalt and pavers – unless you can afford pavers, in which case go for it! Still, I suspect that many of you are reading this article because you can’t afford that option, so something like concrete patio slabs may be the best choice for you.

(2) Once you’ve picked an inexpensive material, you can then go through creative channels to get the material at a cheap price. For instance, you can often find patio slabs for sale on sites like Craigslist – often the homeowner will just want you to come in and remove them, free of charge! Why would they want you to do this? Well, it costs time and money to excavate and dispose of the slabs (labor, materials, dump fees) and why not exchange the material for someone else coming in and taking care of it?

(3) Next, go with a simpler design for your patio. I know you might be inspired to lay down really complex patterns, curves, circles, and other niceities, but if you’re on a budget, you’ll obviously have to hold off those temptations. Instead, stick with the standard: a patio lined up parallel or perpendicular to your home. This will reduce the number of cuts of the brick or slabs and thus the material and labor cost.

(4) Finally, do as much of the work as you can. Obviously, if you can do all of it, you’ll save a ton of money. If you don’t have the skills for that, at least consider doing the heavy lifting aspects of the job, such as demolition or excavation of the old patio.