Dresses for mother of the groom – tips on picking your outfit

As mother of the groom it must be a really exciting time for you! It can be a tricky business getting down to the all important decision of what to wear though – do you need to check in with the bride’s mother first, will your outfits need to match, do you need to coordinate accessories?

Tradition dictates that dresses for mother of the groom should be chosen only after the mother of the bride has picked hers and it’s polite to stick with this – finding out what she’s wearing can help to give you an idea of formality and suitable colours ready for when you’re out shopping for your own outfit. The happy couple are bound to have given a lot of thought to the overall style and colour scheme of their wedding, making sure everything from suits and flower girl dresses are in keeping with this style. No, you don’t need to and shouldn’t aim to match this exactly, but it’s always wise not to clash! Here are a few general tips on mother of the groom outfits depending on the wedding’s formality.

Very formal evening/black tie
You should generally stick with floor length dresses, whether straight up and down column dresses or ball gowns that flow out from the waist. You can get away with those dark, rich colours and feel free to add some sparkle! If it’s not black tie, you could go with a cocktail dress, but don’t make it too revealing.

If it’ll be a daytime to evening affair, you could either bring a separate gown for the evening do or dress up your daytime wear with costume jewelery and accessories to add a bit of glitz.

Formal daytime
Keep your mother of the groom dress smart and tasteful, with a little less glam than an evening do. Keep your hemline below your knee, but aside from that you could go for anything from a tea-length flared skirt to a more formal floor length dress. It’s best to keep the colours light and bright though and avoid too much sparkle.

Informal daytime
If the wedding’s relatively informal – perhaps a beach wedding or at a registry office, you can keep things that bit more casual, though definitely still tasteful! Smart trouser suits in light colours or fun, floral dresses or skirts are a great option. You don’t want to look like you came straight from the office, so it’s best to avoid suits in dark colours and keep those hemlines respectable! For summer, beach weddings, choose airy natural fabrics like linen to keep you feeling fresh.