What Does the Color of Your Cell Phone Mean?

In visual arts, certain colors mean certain attributes and connote certain meanings. It says a lot about a person, not just about his or her style but also about his or her personality. Now, in choosing the color of cellular phones that we use, we may be conscious or unconscious about what they mean. But here are some guides on what some popular cell phone colors mean:

Red Cell Phones: The color red is a very intense color. It evokes very solid emotions such as strong passionate love or strong passionate hatred or conflict. The color red is very successful in grabbing attention. It usually denotes strength and determination so a lot of business men and important people prefer this color.

Pink Cell Phones: The color pink is almost always associated with women. It is very feminine and lady like which we always associate with being all ‘sugar and spice and everything nice’. While red and pink usually symbolizes love, red is more about passion and intensity while the color pink brings about a sort of playfulness without losing its romanticism.

Blue Cell Phones: The color blue usually indicates serenity. This is a more popular color for men since it is easily associated with masculinity. This may be because the color blue actually indicates depth and stability and it symbolizes intelligence and confidence.

Black Cell Phones: The color black is always associated with power and authority. It denotes formality, elegance and prestige which explain why a lot of people choose this color. It is also perfect since it is a neutral color and can go with almost all occasions or motifs.

As for me, I am definitely buying a new pink phone. It would be perfect in adding a bit of femininity in my cell phone. Aside from that, pink is my favorite color so it would go along with a lot of items in my wardrobe. Know you should have an idea of what the different cell phone colors mean about a person.