The Real Price of Stamps

The price of stamps keeps going up and although most people are using other methods of communicating with family and friends and of paying bills, or ordering products, there are still people who want to do things the traditional way and use the mail system to shop, pay bills, or send letters and greeting cards, instead of doing this online. For people who depend on the postal service to ship packages or send letters, bills … the rising price of stamps can get overwhelming, especially in a hurting economy. However, there is another side to this price, and this is the value of stamp collecting, also known as philately.

Many stamp collectors have a large collection that may be valued in hundreds and thousands of dollars. Therefore, the price of stamp can go up in value over time, and surpass the original price, which now may seem as pennies in comparison to the actual value or real price of a stamp collection. A stamp dealer or connoisseur can determine the book value of a stamp collection. In addition, there are books and sites that deal with stamp value; however, an expert is your best source of information when trying to establish the value of a stamp collection.

A few things will be considered to determine the value of a collection. These issues include the condition of it, the origin or place, how rare the stamp is, how old it is, and if it is in pristine unused condition or it has been used. The condition of the stamp is very important and how the image is situated, marks, rips, fading, the seal of cancellation from the post office, are also factors in evaluating the condition that affects the value of the stamp.

Mint condition stamps – never used and in perfect shape – will be appraised for more money. However, a stamp with an important date of cancellation may bring much more money than a mint stamp, and so will a very rare stamp. Rare stamps can be commemorative, available for a very short time, or very old. Even stamps that have specific flaws during production. Stamps that may fall into the rare category, may sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For people who are interested in stamp collection, a book guide on stamp collection with illustrations of valuable stamps will prove to be helpful.