Making Your Landscape Lighting Green

If you want to save power, money, and the environment at the same time, and who doesn’t, making your outdoor lighting more eco-friendly is for you.  Some people think of “going green” as sacrificing style or usability for the environment, but even if you have an existing system installed that runs on your home’s circuit, there are things that you can do to make it greener and save on your power bills.  Here are two big ways you can make your garden light more favorable to the environment.

If your home already has low voltage lighting installed, the first thing that you can do is to install a timer or motion sensor on your lights.  You won’t have to worry about leaving your lights on at night anymore and they’ll always be there when you need it.  Hooking a motion sensor to your lights in particular will save a lot on power because they are generally hooked to the high-powered, high-wattage flood lights that most people use for security lights.

If you haven’t installed garden lighting yet or are looking to buy a few new fixtures, installing solar garden light is a great, completely green way to light your yard.  They aren’t for everyone in every location, the lights need direct sunlight for most of the day so they can’t be placed in shady areas, but when you can use them they are incredibly effective.  If you effectively use your solar lights in combination with a low voltage lighting system, you can put a dent in your electrical bills while at the same time having tons of options for lighting fixtures and styles on your property.

Going green doesn’t have to be a sacrifice.  By installing solar lights or attaching your existing lights to a timer or motion sensor, you’ll have your lights when you need them, but will be saving on electricity because they either won’t be on when you aren’t using them or won’t even use any electricity at all.