Home Coffee Maker Features That Might Not Be Worth The Extra Cost

Buying a coffee maker can be as eye-opening as the boost of energy that cup of joe gives you in the morning. It is no longer an easy task to buy a basic coffee machine what with all the bells and whistles available on all the different models today. When shopping for coffee makers it’s important to understand the features and to read various best coffee makers reviews, from existing customers of models that you maybe interested in. Some of the newer features are things you will like but may not have thought about before while others will do things you don’t care about or don’t want to pay extra for.

Some Features That Might Not Be Worth The Money When Buying Coffee Makers
Some features become unnecessary for you when they just serve to increase the final price. Also, make sure to see this list of coffee maker glossary and terms that can be helpful when shopping.

1. Extra Carafe
If you need a spare carafe you can usually purchase it separately for a lower price.

2. Self Clean Feature
Most people feel a water and white vinegar mix works just as effectively and is cheaper than paying for a self-clean cycle feature with their coffee maker.

3. Carafe Pre Warm Feature
A feature that warms the pot before the coffee starts dripping is called the Carafe Pre-warm but hot coffee will naturally warm a pot anyway.

4.  Hot Plate Temperature Adjustment
Hot plate temperature adjustments are not necessary at all and just a fluff feature.

5.  Built In Water Filter
An expensive feature you can usually do without or come up with a much cheaper alternative for is the built-in water filter. This feature is totally unnecessary if your tap water tastes fine. This feature is redundant if you have a faucet or whole-house filter already. A water filtration system like a Brita water pitcher is another alternative. Replacing the filters for the built-in feature can get costly and must be done regularly after a specified number of pots of coffee.

6.  Built In Grinder
Included on some more expensive models is a built-in coffee bean grinder. Unless space is really at a premium in your kitchen this is just a costly addition you can do without. Buying a separate grinder is ultimately cheaper and often a good alternative. With two separate items, replacement costs are less since you would only need to replace the one that quit working. Be sure to choose a burr grinder over a blade grinder as there is less burning of the beans from friction and the grounds are of better quality.

Since coffee makers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it is easy to spend more and get more features than you really want. So by taking a little time to do some research you can think through what you do want, what you would like, and what you really don’t want to pay for. These tips have been a way to get you started thinking about what it is you really would like to have in a coffee maker.