The risks of using hair straighteners for permanent hair straightening

Hair straighteners have become a must-have styling tool for so many of us – it’s hard to imagine how we managed without them really, what else can banish our frizz and tame unruly hair quite so quickly and effectively? But it’s not all good news, our beloved hair straighteners have their downsides too.

You may have heard all kinds of claims that your hair straighteners will not only give you beautiful, poker straight hair but will actually improve the condition of your hair, leaving it moisturised and shiny. When it comes down to it, even the best hair straightener is going to inflict damage on your poor hair with regular use, even if you are using heat protection products. Hair just isn’t meant to hold up to exposure to such high temperatures, so it’s inevitable that frequent use will dry out your hair, leaving it damaged and prone to breakage.

Hair straighteners seem a kinder option than invasive chemical permanent hair straightening systems but, while it’s true that the risk of significant damage is much higher when choosing chemical processes, it’s very easy to get trapped in a cycle of damage when you become reliant on your hair straighteners. Your hair dries out and becomes frazzled, so you keep on reaching for your straighteners to tame your locks and keep them looking smooth, inflicting yet more damage.

Fire risk
Not only can hair straighteners harm your hair, there’s a very real risk of fire damage to your home if you’re not careful when using them. It’s very easy to quickly style your hair and be dashing out of the door before you’ve given much thought to whether you’ve actually turned your straighteners off. A worrying amount of fires are started when hair straighteners are left on next to flammable materials.

Just use a little common sense with this one, only ever put your straighteners down on a heat-proof surface and always check that you’ve turned them off at the wall and unplugged them fully when you’ve finished styling your hair. If your memory’s not what it could be, try to buy hair straighteners that will automatically turn themselves off after a set amount of time. It’s a brilliant safety feature that can be worth spending a little extra for.

So while hair straighteners are a brilliant styling tool, it’s worth being careful with them so that you don’t sacrifice the condition of your hair to get the straight locks you’re after. Whatever you do, always remember to turn them off once you’re finished with them!