Understanding ultrasound liposuction

Despite the fact that laser liposuction may give quite considerable changes, it is uncommon for any variety of liposuction effects to be totally perfect. It is not a technique for weight loss, or a remedy for weight problems. Liposuction is also not an efficient treatment for cellulite. Nevertheless, ultrasonic liposuction is an effective treatment for spot fat reduction.

Both males and females can benefit from liposuction, however around 75% of subjects are female and they most often have this treatment performed on the thighs, buttocks and abdomen area. About 25 per cent of patients are men, and the most frequent place for lipo for males is the abdomen.

If you are getting Vaser liposuction methods, the treatment can take from 1 to 3 hours dependent on the volume of body fat being removed. Your method will be carried out under local anesthetic. First, the spot being treated is filled with a particular saline liquid that numbs the vicinity and also shrinks the blood vessels to limit blood loss and reduce bruising.

This solution makes all the fat more receptive with the Vaser technique and easier to melt. Tiny probes transmit sound waves which melt excess fat cells, without injuring adjacent vital tissue. The light suction together with massaging the processed part subsequently gets rid of the now liquid fat quickly and easily. The tiny incisions through which the saline fluid was inserted will mend quickly.

Ultrasound liposuction, another name of vaser liposuction, have a number of advantages when compared to traditional liposuction, such as the ability to address locations which may have more dense body fat and to take away larger volumes of excess fat at the same time, which explains why they are good for stomach lipo. Ultrasound liposuction has the additional benefit of tightening the skin along the way, making it a great substitute to a tummy tuck or surgery to reduce excessive, baggy skin. UAL is often used after other liposuction techniques as a fine tuning technique, since it allows for extra precision.