Monster Energy Drink Hats & Other Cool Lids

For starters the cool people these days don’t call hats…well hats. The proper nomenclature by the people in the know (really kids and teenagers) is lid or dome piece. I made sure I went to the proper sources to find out by asking a few teenagers and a friend of mine’s 12 year old son. These seem to be the popular terms today, which of course may change at a moments notice. For now if you want to sound dialed in or cool, use these terms when speaking about hats. That isn’t the only thing cool in the world of hats. Here are a few other things I’ve learned.

Fitted vs. Snap Back Hats

There are basically two types of hats that the cool crowd wears  these days. First you have fitted hats. Now most of you may know what a fitted hat is but maybe you don’t. A fitted hat is a specific size hat that fits a specific size head. Yes us humans come in different sizes especially our domes. Fitted hats made to fit specific head sizes kind of like a shoe would fit a foot. They hat itself will not have any connection device in the back. It will be uniform with the material ( usually primarily acrylic with a small % of spandex) all of the way around the hat. These type of lids were the most popular for a long time, and still are, however another type of hat is making a “come up” in popularity. Snap Back Hats are becoming increasingly popular amongst the teenage crowd. If you are like me these are probably what you are used to wearing. They have a plastic connection piece in back to adjust the hats size. Ahhh yes now you know what I mean the adjustable snap on back…a snap back hat. For awhile the cool crowd was only wearing fitted hats but snap back hats are making a big come back by offering a variety of styles and choices targeted at the lid crowd.

Types of Popular Lids

There are too many lines or types of lids to mention so these are what the in crowd is wearing these days. Monster energy drink hats are a popular choice in certain crowds. Everyone loves a good energy drink especially athletes and people who like motor sports. Monster has created a whole line of hats and apparel related to Monster which is popular amongst kids and teenagers. Another always popular choice is anything related to sports. These type of hats will never go out of style. Sports are entrenched in our society and I guarantee we don’t go a day without seeing someone in a hat, shirt, or some apparel with a team logo on it. There are stores in the mall just for sports hats which are frequented by teenagers and young adults.

I could go on and on with what the cool crowd(s) are into but by the time I do it will have changed. These seem to be the popular styles of lids that will stay around for awhile. Now hopefully we know a bit more about what’s cool in the world of hats!