Tips On How to Make Washing Cloth Diapers At Home A Lot Easier

Cloth diapers still offer more benefits than other diaper options out there. Aside from being a lot more affordable in the long run, cloth diapers are safe for your baby’s health unlike the disposable counterparts. The only thing that would probably make parents think twice before going for cloth diapers is that it takes more time and effort when it comes to cleaning. Washing soiled diapers may seem like a major disadvantage to some. However, there are so many efficient ways to clean cloth diapers so that washing will not be that much of a hassle.

One measure you can take before hand to make sure that soiled diapers will be much easier to wash, is to rinse and get rid of the dirt first and then place them into a pail filled with a mixture of water and baking soda. This will help you prevent stains and odour from setting in. All you will need to make cleaning a lot easier is a plain bucket that you can grab from any nearby hardware store or you may also opt for the commercial storage containers. Just be sure to get one with a lid that seals and stays on securely to keep kids and pets from meddling with the soaked soiled diapers.

If you would opt for hand washing, you can choose how frequently you would prefer to do it. Those who have time would usually prefer to wash them immediately after they get soiled while others prefer to wash them at the end of a week or so. Just make sure to use hot water and mild detergent and to scrub thoroughly until you are sure that it is a hundred percent clean and odour free. Allow it to dry completely before the next use.

Washing cloth diapers at home can be a breeze especially if you have a washing machine. You can use the wet soak method and drain as much of the dirty water out before you place the diaper into the washer again for washing in a mild detergent. Using washing machines with a front loader or top loader can both be effective. You would usually need the diapers to go through the wash cycle once. Take note though that using chemical bleaches to keep them white can cause rashes or can have other harmful effects on your baby. If you prefer to bleach, go for all natural bleaching options like lemon or vinegar.

Over all, the main reason parents choose to go for disposable diapers over cloth is fear if the washing process. Now that you are aware of how to make washing so much easier, the benefits of using cloth diapers totally outweigh the effort you put into keeping them clean. As long as you follow the rules, there is no reason to fear the use of cloth diapers because of all the effort you think you need to put in washing them. You are now all set to make that healthier, eco-friendly choice