Energy Saving Suggestions for Outdoor Lighting

In these economically challenging times people are often on the look out for ways to reduce their energy bills. We usually start by looking at energy use inside the home but did you realize you can save significant amounts outside your home as well. For some houses the couple of patio lamps they use won’t have very much effect on their total electricity payments. Nevertheless just as more folks realize the benefits of outdoor lighting, the size and scope of their use is increasing. If you have a substantial outdoor lighting display it may be time to consider some power saving options. Have a quick look at several ideas to save power and money.

Identify lights that may be suitable for control with Motion Detectors. Passive Infra-Red sensors or motion detectors, operate by sensing movement and then switching the lamp on. These are commonly used on security lighting fixtures but can be fitted to any type of exterior lights. You can get a PIR device and then wire your outside porch lighting through it in order that the lights only come on should there be movement in the deck area. This approach helps you to save energy, when no one is using the area it will remain dark – they can also be useful whenever you forget to turn lights off at the end of the evening. Naturally for some areas it is a good idea to get an override switch fitted, so if you want to you may keep the lighting on constant.

Use low energy or energy saving light bulbs. These types of light bulbs have come a long way in their development. You can easily find a wide selection available to fit into your existing outdoor lighting units. One energy saving lamp on its own  will not have much of an impact on your monthly bills but when you change every bulb inside and out you can make significant savings over a period of time.

Solar lighting is often undervalued as a money saving technique. With modern solar power lighting products you can pick from a variety of models and different power levels. Early solar power lamps were quite lousy quality and, sometimes gave out really low levels of light. With improvements in technology they have improved immensely. Don’t rule them out based on previous bad experiences, give the new models a try and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Take advantage of these energy saving tips and you can begin to make some cash savings right away. But remember savings will be made over a period of time; you may not see immediate results. As time goes by the savings slowly build up and by saving energy and money you are also doing your bit for the planet.