The Use of Heater for Plants

If you really love your garden then you should make provisions for it during the cold periods. You have to make sure that your plants are still going to thrive and live even when the temperature starts to drop. You should consider using heater for plants so that the temperature around your plants can be raised up to a certain level where they can continue to thrive and be alive. There are several ways that you can ensure that the temperature of the plants do not go below a certain level that might spell trouble for them. Unlike animals the plants in your garden are going to be totally dependent on what you can do for them to make sure that they can stay alive.

Here are some ideas on how you can protect plants during the colder periods of the year:

1. When you are facing some slight frost what you can do is to cover your plants with some newspaper. Since it is just a light frost it is not going to be necessary to use the heater just yet. The newspaper covering should be enough to prevent any damage caused by the drop in temperature.

2. You should plan on how you are going to use the space heater. You should learn how to make the most out of your resources. If your plants are in containers then the best practice is to take them and group them together and place them in an area where they are bunched so you can maximize the output of the heater that you are using. If the plants are placed in beds then think about the distribution of heat and which plants should be prioritized over others.

3. Make sure that you take your heater as far outdoors as possible. You can plug it into a outdoor socket and then you can use an extension. Just do what is necessary in order for it to reach the plants.

4. When placing the heater you should make sure that it is three feet away from the plant. Most of these heaters have fans that can distribute the heat even further.

5. You need to move the heater every 1 to 2 hours in order to make sure that all of the plants in your garden can get the right heat that they need. You need to do this to ensure that all of your plants are going to be protected.

6. If you intend to let it run when you are asleep you have to set its settings to low. During the daytime, make sure that you turn it off and that you unplug it.

These are just some ideas that you can keep in mind when it comes to heating your plants and your garden. One additional tip that you can use if your plants are placed in containers is that you can just bring them indoors or in the garage during the winter period. They are not going to need the heater there. That way you can also save on the energy that might have been used to power up the heater.