Communication: The Astrology of Language

Language is one of humankind’s most powerful tools. It is practically impossible to get by in today’s world without it. Astrology students can identify and capitalize on their natural-born language skills as explained by the symbols in their horoscopes.

Astrology itself is a language, a set of symbols that represent forces in the human and natural universe. Because each symbol corresponds to a specific force, it is possible to analyze each one on its own, as well as in relation with other energies in a person’s horoscope, or with someone else’s, such as in astrological compatibility chart readings.


This is the planet most properly associated with communication, especially language and speech. Your Mercury sign directly influences how you speak and express yourself and your ideas.

  • in Aries, quick and abrupt
  • in Taurus, slow and stubborn
  • in Gemini, fickle and curious
  • in Cancer, brooding and nostalgic, sympathetic
  • in Leo, dramatic and wordy
  • in Virgo, critical and practical
  • in Libra, courteous and refined
  • in Scorpio: suspicious, probing and secretive
  • in Sagittarius: optimistic and fond of learning and teaching
  • in Capricorn, serious and worrisome
  • in Aquarius; objective and stubborn
  • in Pisces: intuitive and dreamy

Mercury’s placement in your horoscope (known as house position) tells where your mind and speech are always busy.  In the second house, for instance, it suggests mental and verbal activity concerning money, while in the seventh house, language is used most eagerly with close relationships and one-to-one encounters.

The relationship of other planets to your Mercury also determine how well you can use language and speech. To give a few pointers: Mercury in good aspect to the Moon enhances intuition; with Venus, creativity; with Uranus, original thinking and ideas.

Mercury is always near the Sun.  When Mercury and the Sun are in the same sign (your sun sign), you are single-minded, wrapped up in your own thoughts.  When they are in different signs, Mercury may soften the qualities of the sun sign. Say the Sun is in Cancer but Mercury is in Gemini: that person is less moody and sensitive and becomes more curious and focused on the present.

Obviously, Mercury is highly important in horoscope and compatibility analysis.  Where your Mercury is in harmony with that of your partner, friend, business partner, etc. communication between you two is clearer and more positive. There are less arguments but also less stimulation.  A little “hard” aspects may help make your conversations more exciting and challenging.

In general, Mercury gets little attention in astrology. But it is really important than it looks. Get to know your Mercury and you learn quite a few things about yourself. Discover the planet and how best to speak your mind.