Make Your Life Count – 3 Steps to Letting Go and Living Better

Life can be difficult. So many problems, so many issues need to be addressed and on a daily basis that you sometimes wonder at how we can all go through life with our hearts and minds intact and still functional. Yes, it is a wonder that we can all somehow manage to go through it even though it can be very difficult at times and it can be an excruciating experience. Probably the only consolation that can be said about all of this is that everybody goes through it and experiences it. The difference is in the level of difficulty of the issues faced by everyone on a constant basis, and that’s all. And there’s no telling how you’d react to every issue that life hurls at you, so there is also an element of suspense and surprise involved.

In spite of the barrage of problems and troubles that are encountered regularly everyday, you still want to overcome it all. If there is anything that can be said about the nature of people, and that is the fact that we do not easily give in to all the adversities that are encountered. And that easily explains why we have endured, why we are still here despite the tough challenges. The key is that we have always managed to find a way, although not everyone can surely make that claim. For everyone that manages to cope with the situation, there are also others who might not be so fortunate to be able to do that.

I have already gone through my share of troubles and issues that are normally encountered in this life. In a manner of speaking, I’ve been there and done that, especially since I am now past those problems and am living a much better life than ever before. Perhaps the key term here is that I am now truly happy and also contented with my life. Of course that was not the case when I was going through the challenging period of my life, a period that I don’t want to call dark but rather just as a challenge. Although I went through a lot before I eventually found the keys to living better, I can say that it was all worth it. One of those keys that I found is meditation, and it became the foundation upon which I built my new lifestyle.

Credit is really due to meditation and how it was instrumental in changing my life for good. It also became one of the true foundations of the new lifestyle that I adopted in order to live better and deal with my problems better. But despite the debt that I owe to meditation, I must also acknowledge the fact that there were other factors involved in helping me getting my life in order. Those factors were just as important to me as the process of meditation, and without each one I probably would not have been able to pull through the situation that I was in. You can also look at these factors as there different and distinct steps towards living a better life and actually making your life count. Each one can also be seen as something that’s totally separate from one another, although it would of course be most effective when combined with one another.

Making Your Life Count

The following describes the three factors that helped shape my new life, and along with meditation is responsible for who and what I am in the present. Each one is useful and helpful on its own, but it is still best to follow and make use of all three.

Surround Yourself With Love – How can you go wrong with love? There is just no way that you would be wrong in choosing love or making it a real priority, so you better find ways of surrounding yourself with as much love as possible. The best place to look for the kind of love that you need in order to effectively deal with your issues is your home. There is definitely no better source for this kind of love than the people who love you without any kind of condition at all. Indeed, your family is capable of giving that kind of exalted feeling, a love that is indeed true and pure. Some say that it is a compassionate love, one that nurtures and heals, as well as understands what you have been going through. And if there is one thing that you can be sure of, then it is the love that comes directly from your family.

Dealing With It – If you already have the kind of love that will only help you in facing up to all the issues that you need to resolve, then chances are that you will be a whole lot more confident. It is the kind of confidence that makes you feels as if you would be able to take on any problem or issue, and be able to still be the winner in the end. That kind of love is truly transcendent, as it goes beyond the very problems that it is helping you solve. It will also help in dealing with the recurring temptation of falling once more to the old problem and becoming too absorbed in it, so much so that any development or growth is just too impossible. To help in coping with the situation even more, there are several practices that the individual has to do in order to help himself better in coping, these are: acceptance of the situation and the fact that there is indeed a problem that needs to be solved; just letting things go and not dwelling too much in it; allowing for forgiveness to be a part of the whole process; also be thankful for everything and everyone that is helping you recover and get over it all; becoming at peace with one’s self and the whole situation; spiritually surrendering.

Going in the Right Direction – there’s really no other way to go, so an individual really needs to go into the right direction for him to improve as an individual and have as good a life as possible. But in order for anyone to do this successfully, they need to be clear about what they want to achieve in life. It has to be very clear what they want to get out of life, and what really matters to them. Other important questions that needs to be answered is what kind of person do they really want to be and what does good living and a god life mean to him. These are not just random questions whose answers don’t really matter as much, but rather life changing and could very well determine one’s entire future. These are not only practical, but also spiritual questions, because the person has to dig really deep to get the answers. It has to truly come from within, and when he does find the answers, only then will he start living a better life, a life that truly counts. Indeed, the path might not be easy, but these three steps will somehow serve as a guide that will serve to make the way a little easier to go through.