Obey and the Obey Snapback

During World War II the image of Kilroy became an icon. It spread from city to city, until it became as American as the Statue of Liberty. In the 1990s there came out another iconic image, the “Andre the Giant has a Posse” image which was created by artist, Shepard Fairey. Fairey is a visual artist who is strongly influenced by the skater’s lifestyle, music, and ethos. With that kind of background he attended the prestigious institute the Rhode Island School Design. It was there that he honed his talent and skill in illustration. In 1989 he came across a design that would make him famous. He found an picture of the wrestler known as Andre the Giant on a newspaper.Partly as a joke he used it to create stickers which he gave away to his skater friends. The stickers and the image that they carry became an instantaneous hit with skaters everywhere and it soon spilled over to the mainstream. People started to see the image being posted and drawn everywhere.

Today Fairey works under his own company, a studio that he founded in 2003 called Studio Number One. He works with the top companies and artists from all over the world making marketing campaigns that never fails to show the his trademark touch. All of his worked showcases his views and agenda.

It was 2001 that Fairey launched his own clothing line called OBEY. They company still uses the iconic image of Andre the Giant as its trademark, and they make everything from hats, to t-shirts, to pants. They also make Obey snapback hats. He collaborates with the top fashion designers to come up with clothes and accessories, that can communicate with a lot of people. He comes up with clothes that can speak the language of the youth. Obey clothes and products has a style that would be difficult to put into any classification. You can see it at once that Fairey derives from numerous influences, making Obey clothes suitable for almost any lifestyle and outlook.

Today you can be part of the journey of Obey by using their products. Whatever your style is, you are sure to find something that would speak out for you in Obey’s line of clothing. Take the Obey snapback hats for example. They are simple yet stylish. If you do not want to go for the usual snapbacks with the colors of college or professional teams then this is definitely your stuff. They are available in the most basic design and colors or you can get them with more elaborate pattern. My favorite is the Die Free Trucker Hat. It says Live Free Die Free with an eagle design on it. For me nothing could character the American spirit better than that design.

If you want something that is more conventional, then they have pieces of clothing that you can choose from that has a more traditional look to it. As I have mentioned the Obey clothing has something that would appeal to almost any style.