How to sell your first product online

This article is directed to all those of you who have something valuable, perhaps handmade, to sell. You don’t really want to spend a lot of time online learning about technical jargon and setting up advanced shopping sites – or spend lots of money to have one designed. Most websites that offer shopping cart software to download require a lot of your time (not to mention skills) to tweak all the settings right and make sure everything works correctly. Fortunately, in this era of Web 2.0 websites (a fancy way of saying powerful websites) you can find online stores that require very little time and effort, where nearly all of the work is already done for you. You can recognize them by the fact that you 1) don’t have to install any software, 2) don’t need to buy a hosting account or domain name, and 3) don’t need to worry about product layout and design. So, all you should be thinking of is your product and be able to write a detailed description of it.

You need a certain amount of information about your product to successfully sell it online. You should talk to your post office and ask them how much it cost to send it, using a suitable container that protects it from getting damaged. You should calculate the cost you pay for creating/ordering this product, so that you can set a price that you are happy with. Many people spend countless hours on their handmade products, and sell them so cheap that they would make more money working at McDonalds! Of course, the satisfaction you get from being creative has no price, but you should be aiming for making a decent income from your work.

When you have all the necessary information about your product, you need a good picture (at least one) of it. This is a very important step and you should do your best to either take a picture yourself where your product is presented as well as possible (white background is a must) or have someone help you take a picture of it. Usually you need to crop the image a bit to remove white space around the product, and that can be done using Microsoft Paint, which is built-in to Windows.

OK  you have your product information and at least one high quality image, now what? Head over to NoobTrader where you can get a free online store and have your product online in a few minutes. It is completely free and designed to be very easy to use. You can even change designs with just a click of a button. Good luck and I hope this saves you hours of frustration!