Best Sally Beauty Products

Sally Beauty is one of the largest companies in the world engage in dealing with beauty and skin care products. They have a distribution network that covers over 4,000 stores in several countries including the United States, U.K., Belgium, Canada, Spain and Germany. They have reported revenue of over $2.5 billion annually. They provide an excellent line of hair care and beauty products that are of professional level. They have such a huge offering of products and they have over 6,000 products from which you can take your pick. These products include Clairol, L’Oreal, Wella and Conair.

The first Sally Beauty store was opened back in 1964 in New Orleans. It sold beauty products to women in the area. Although the store was successful there was nothing really remarkable with it until five years later when it was acquired by Alberto-Culver. By `1978 there were 25 Sally Beauty stores in the country and was clear that the company was on the rise and the fast track to success.

Now the company is stronger than ever. With thousands of stores and a global presence it can not be denied that the company is a real success story. But behind this success is the secret of the company. What made the company so successful ? It was the fact that its customers trusted it to provide them with the highest quality beauty and hair products every time that they buy something there. So behind the billion dollar success of the Sally Beauty are the millions of women who rely on it to provide them with the right products.

Now if you are one of those rare individuals who have never visited any of their stores, here is a list of the must haves that you need to check in there:

Dr. Mircle 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo- This products starts working the moment that you start using it. You can feel it working on your scalp the moment that you apply it. You get that feeling as if your head is being massaged. Also it does not leave any form of residue on your head which is what you get with other shampoo or hair care product.

Tanwise Dark Tanning Spray- These days being exposed to the sun can be harmful so if you want to get a great looking tan without having to expose yourself to the harsh light of the sun then you can get this product. This spray can give you a great looking tan without the danger of skin cancer at won’t clog your pores as well. You can get this for about $11.

Femme Couture Get Radiant Complexion Enhancer- If you want a dewy complexion then can be used for dabbing on the cheekbones to give you an elegant looking sheen. You can also mix it with foundation to get a soft glow. You can buy this product for about $11.

They have got so many products from which you can take your pick. You can also go and visit them at for more information on what they have.