Does Meditation Work For Kids?

There are many ways to define meditation. Each group or discipline that practices it has a way to define it. In simple terms however meditation is the practice of focusing one’s mind and whole being on a single thought, sound or object. This practice is highly recommended by many religions in order to attain enlightenment.

Various Ways of Practicing Meditation-
There are various ways that meditation can be practiced. The common image that we get when we hear the word meditation is that of a person sitting cross legged with his eyes closed. There are other forms of meditation. Technically when you try to focus your whole being into one thing that is meditation already. So if you are contemplating an object or an act that you have done or would like to do in the future then you are meditating already.

Benefits of Meditation-
Since meditation is mainly a religious practice, its traditional benefits are mostly spiritual in nature. Hindus and Buddhist believe that meditation is the best way to attain enlightenment. Their legends are filled with tales of holy men who meditated for years and years in order to attain spiritual enlightenment.

The more modern promoters of the practice however claim less loftier benefits for doing meditation. They say that it can help in clearing the mind from all the worries and troubles. They also say that it can relieve stress. It can help an individual to become more focused allowing him to use the majority of his mental powers.

Does Meditation Work For Kids-
If meditation can help in making us more focused then surely it can be a huge benefit to children. If they can be made to become more concentrated on a task whether it is to play or to study then that can be a tremendous boost to them. That can help them to learn things more quickly than usual. There is little doubt that meditation can be bring in benefits to children, the problem lies in another direction.

The Problem with Children and Meditation– The problem with children and meditation is that children find it hard to sit still and concentrate which are the important things when it comes to meditation. This is especially true with the younger children. They will not have the patience nor the understanding that will allow them to sit in one place and do nothing. Even adults find that to be the most difficult aspect of meditation. If grownups find it difficult then how can we expect children to be able to do it with ease?

The Best Solution-
Still it can not be denied that there is a great benefit to be had from performing meditation. If you want your kids to benefit from it, what you can do is to make sure that they are properly guided when doing meditation. As a parent you are the best qualified person to do that. You have the authority to tell them the things that they can and can not do. If you can not do that then you can hire a teacher for them someone who can help you out.