How Cheap Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes Can Make Your Life Easier

Have you ever had fitted bedroom wardrobes? If you had, you should already know the convenience they provide. If not, let me try to persuade you how they can make your life much easier when compared against the normal wardrobes that come flat-packed in the furniture store.

Bedroom fitted wardrobes can be any size you like, and are limited only by the size of your bedroom. You can have your wardrobe take up half of one wall, three-fourths or even the whole wall. You need never deal with the problem of “not enough space.” Of course, if you are a guy, you may protest that you do not have that many clothes and do not need such a large wardrobe. If you are just a college student, or mainly work outdoors, that may be true. But if you work indoors, in an office, for example, you probably have separate sets of work clothes and casual wear. You may even have a separate set of clothes for the night, even if they are nothing more than T-shirts. A regular wardrobe will likely only give you enough space to hang up your office wear. You will normally have to fold your casual clothes and night wear. But you can buy a larger fitted wardrobe with enough hanging space for all your clothes (barring your underwear). For many of us bachelors, that is certainly a feature worth paying for.

Bedroom furniture fitted wardrobes stretch from the ceiling down to the floor. They make full use of the vertical space in your bedroom, unlike regular wardrobes. The top storage compartment of the wardrobe can be used to store relatively light-weight but rarely used items like spare curtains, a change of bedsheets and extra blankets. You cannot do that with the uncovered space of a regular wardrobe. Basically, with a fitted wardrobe, you have more space for your clothes and other belongings that need to be protected from dirt and dust.

You may be thinking that fitted bedroom furniture is expensive and out of range of your budget. However, you can buy cheap fitted bedroom wardrobes, and it is possible to install them yourself, hence saving even more on the installation fees. Although a bit troublesome, the job should be do-able if you are a man.

You do not need to own any expensive tools to get your bedroom wardrobes fitted. The two most useful tools are a power drill and a multi-purpose power tool like a Fein Multitool. Both of these can usually be borrowed from neighbors or rented. Other tools, like a hammer and a screwdriver, should already be a part of your toolbox.

A regular wardrobe is certainly more flexible, as well as cheaper and easier to deal with. But for many of us, there comes a time when we need more storage space in our bedroom but it is not viable for us to move to a new, larger apartment just for this. In such a situation, a fitted bedroom wardrobe is ideal.