Why Hip Bags Are the New Hip Fashion Look

Forget the old ‘fanny pack’ look – now, there’s the hipper and popular belt purse bag that leaves your hands and arms free for other pursuits, such as shopping, eating and power walking. Hip bags are the perfect solution to carry everything you need in a stylish belt purse that’s fun and easy to wear.

This reincarnation of the fanny pack is smaller and can either be worn around your waist or across your shoulder. The Hipzbag also gives you another choice of wearing the bag attached to your belt loops with innovative swivel hooks.

Fashion savvy for the new hip bags run the gamut from functional to dressy. Cell phone hip bags make it so easy to find that ever-elusive phone without having to dig in a large purse or backpack, and the zippered compartments hold so much more.

You can even wear your Hipzbag to dressy events. There are hip bags that sport crystals, metallic pink faux leather and some that are made from chic materials such as velveteen. Imagine never having to leave your purse on the table or floor while you dance or socialize at parties.

You may have noticed hip bags in fashion magazines and modeled by sports and media stars. These innovative belt purses are taking the globe by storm, and everyone wants one. Faux leather is very popular, because it isn’t made from animal skins, but is soft and comes in many colors, including red.

Hip bags are great for busy moms on the go, teens or students who have backpacks or lots of books to carry, sports aficionados or shoppers who need to free their hands. They carry all the essentials you’d need for an active day.

Travelers especially love hip bags because it keeps their passports and other travel documents safe and secure. Belt purses come in all shapes and sizes, including passport and cell phone hip bags, so there’s something for everyone.

Hip bags add chic fashion to any outfit you wear. You’ll see them worn in fashion shows all over the world to accent fashions of all type. The styles and colors make these belt purses a natural for complementing any outfit.

If you’re a minimalist and like to travel light, the hip bag is a perfect accessory for your lifestyle. Motorcyclists love them because they never have to take them off and money, credit cards, keys, cell phones and other essentials are contained for easy access.

Hip bags usually come with matching belts and you can wear them under jackets, over shirts and blouses or resting snuggly around your waist. Other features include zippered compartments where you can store lipstick, money or anything you’ll need throughout the day or evening.

If you haven’t already tried a hip bag because you think it will look and feel too much like your granny’s fanny pack, browse online through all the various styles and fabrications that you can choose from.

You’re sure to find at least one that you like and that will be a great fashion accessory for any outfit you choose.