The Advantages of Using Multi Fuel Burning Stoves

Wood burring stoves are also known as multi fuel burning stoves since they can use coal, charcoal, wood and other types of fuel. This kind of stove has fast been gaining popularity in the past couple of years. The rise in the use of this kind of stove is partly due to the rising prices of gas and electricity today. The prices of the more common ways of heating and lighting are leading people to find alternative methods. The use of wood or charcoal is one of the most logical solutions to the problem about high fuel costs, especially in places where there is an abundant source of wood or other alternative fuels that can be used. The kind of fuel that you can use for your stove can be small wooden chips or it can be a sawed off piece of log.

Here are the most common fuels that you can use for this kind of stove.


Burning wood for fuel may not sound like it is an environmentally friendly way of using up resources, but it can be done efficiently. You just have to know how to burn the fuel correctly.

Wood Pellets

These small pellets are made from the waste products in the wood industry. The great thing about this kind of fuel is that its has almost no carbon dioxide emissions compared with other fuels. It is very efficient.


Corn belongs to this fuel type. The use of this kind of fuel is still relatively new and there are still very few people who are familiar with it. It has been said that the use of corn for fuel can reduce the cost of heating by as much as 80%. Although the use of corn in ordinary multi fuel burning stoves is sometimes not suggested as it leaves a different residue from other fuels.


This kind of fuel has a long history of use. Its main disadvantage is that together with other fossil fuels, the price of coal is also rising and of course it does produce smog.


Charcoal is produced from wood but if done correctly charcoal can burn a lot more efficiently and with very little smoke.

Of all these fuels that can be used in this new kind of stove, wood is still the most common and easy to access. In order to use it more efficiently we have to come to an understanding of the combustion process of this kind of fuel. The initial stage in the combustion of wood is when it losses all of its water content. Wood has a lot of water content to it, especially wood that has been taken from freshly felled trees. Even pieces of wood that have been dried for a long period of time have high moisture content. As the piece of wood starts to lose water it will begin giving off a mixture of gasses that will catch fire. Most of the combustion that we get from wood is owed to these gasses. After all the vapor has been burned away from the wood, it then turns to charcoal which burns without any sign of flame consuming it.

If you are looking for alternative ways of heating then find out more about the multi fuel burning stoves today and how they might fit in your lifestyle.