3 Advantages of LEDs over Compact Fluorescent Lights

We are living in a century that will be determined by a shortage of resources. We are running out of gas, oil and coal. Nuclear power isn’t as safe as many of us thought and renewable energies are not as efficient as we want them to be.

While serious developments for sustainable energies are predicted, we should all strive to do our part for a conscious use of energy. People need to know how to save energy at home and LEDs are one step in the right direction. While classic energy saving lamps or compact fluorescent lamps are well known and most widely used today, LED lights or light emitting diodes have several advantages over them.

While they are more expensive, they can outweight this disadvantage in many other points. When you upgrade your rooms for energy efficient lighting, you should seriously consider these advantages.


The lifespan of an average compact fluorescent light is around 8.000 to 10.000 hours. Light emitting diodes or LEDs can reach lifespans of 50.000 hours and more. This value outperforms every other type of lamp that is available for residential purposes by far and can be worth the cost of a LED for itself.

Instant Availability

A point that many users don’t like about CFLs is the needed time to warm up the lamp. It takes from some seconds to even several minutes for a CFL to reach it’s full light output. LEDs don’t have this limitations. They deliver the full amount of light right from the start.

Environmental Impact

Compact fluorescent lights contain 2-5 mg mercury which is a highly toxic heavy mineral. When these lamps break, the mercury poses a serious health risk and pollutes the environment. If you have children, you seriously need to think about this point! However, LED lights need to be recycled like all other electrical components. This is maybe the only point where incandescent light bulbs are competitive these days. They are the only lamps that can be recycled in your domestic waste.

Heat Output

Just like incandescent light bulbs, CFLs get very hot leading to problems in some cases. This leads to a high risk of fire in child’s rooms and can be dangerous for your kids. Light emitting diodes don’t get hot and hence they don’t constitute a danger for children.

Sensitivity to On/Off-Switching

The electronics behind LEDs make them absolutely not vulnerable when you switch the lights on and off very frequently. The lifespan of compact fluorescent lights on the other hand decreases significantly when they face many short uses. Especially for applications that getting switched on and off regularly, LEDs are the only choice today.


LEDs are the most stable light source today. They are not sensitive to shaking and the durability is in general very high. This seperates them even more from classic incandescent lights and CFLs.

As you can see, light emitting diodes have widespread advantages over compact fluorescent lamps. Keep that in mind when you buy a new set of lights and make sure to choose the right light bulbs for your home!