How Cell Phone Tracking Works

Cell phone tracking is being offered today as a feature in many mobile phones. It is being seen as a practical solution to many problems that had no solution before. It is a way of tracking or of tracing the physical location of a mobile phone device. The location provided by the feature can be very accurate, often within meters of your location. In order to understand the full benefits that are offered by the feature one has to be aware of how cell phone tracking works. Here is a simple explanation of the technologies that are used in cell phone tracking.

There are two ways that the location of the phone can be tracked. The first method is by using the signal towers of the network utilized by the cellphone. This method uses radio signals. The time that it took for the radio signal to reach at least three signal towers is computed and from that the location is deduced. This method of cell phone location tracking is known as multilateration. The problem with the method is that it is dependent on the presence of signal towers in order for the device to be located. When the phone enters an area that no signal from towers can reach, then it can not be tracked. This is where the second method of tracking cell phones comes in.

The second method utilizes GPS technology. GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is the same technology used on navigational aids on cars and airplanes. The latest cell phones that are coming out today are mostly GPS enabled which means that it can utilize this kind of technology. GPS uses signals that are sent out from a series of satellites that are orbiting the Earth. The cell phone receives those signals. The cell phones and the satellites are used in triangulating for the exact location of the device. The amazing thing about GPS technology is that can provide a very accurate identification about physical location. The precision could be a matter of several meters. The biggest advantage of GPS over the other method of cell phone tracking is no matter where a device is it can still receive signals from the satellites unless it is turned off or otherwise disabled.

Cell phone tracking raises some delicate issues regarding technology and how it can infringe on a person’s privacy. It makes it easier for other people to track a person’s physical location without that person’s consent. A lot of restrictions are therefore highly recommended and lately becoming the law for any service that seeks to utilize this kind of technology. Bearing in mind the danger that it can pose, cell phone tracking can still be a very handy tool in the right hands. Parents who would like to keep track of their children can do so in a subtle way and help in keeping them safe. Employers who need to monitor their employees who are out on the field can also utilize the technology.

As we have seen, cell phone tracking is a very accurate tool. It can cause some harm if not used in the proper manner and under proper authority, but in the right hands it can be very helpful.