Why is Tubal Ligation Reversal Surgery so Expensive & Understanding Your Options for Tubal Reversal Financing

Tubal ligation is considered to be one of the most effective forms of contraception. The effectiveness of this method of contraception lies in the fact that it makes it physically impossible for someone who has undergone tubal ligation to even conceive. Despite the effectiveness of this method, few women actually chose to undergo the procedure and it was rarely recommended even if was the best form of contraception. Why? Because it was permanent. Those who chose to take part of its benefits have no way of going back. Tubal ligation was irreversible, once the tubes were cut there was no way to put them back together so that a woman can conceive. That was the reason why tubal ligation was only recommended for women who had several children already.

That is a thing of the past though. With the development in medical technology, reversing the effects of tubal ligation is now possible. Women who thought that their only chance of having children again was through IVF, now have the opportunity to become pregnant naturally once again. The problem with tubal ligation reversal is that it can be costly. On the average such a procedure can cost from $8000 to $9000. Part of the reason behind the cost for the procedure is that fact that there are few doctors who are qualified to perform it. There are not that many doctors in the United States who are trained to perform tubal ligation reversal surgery. In the future when the procedure becomes more common, the number of doctors who can perform it will obviously increase, and its cost will go down dramatically.

Does that mean that women who want to undergo tubal ligation reversal will just have to wait until that time comes? No, they can look into the possibility of tubal reversal financing. Getting financing for any kind of medical procedure can be a challenge. This is especially true if you have bad credit, or if you don’t have enough income to show the ability to pay off the debt down the road. You can still try to talk to your bank, since they might offer some sort personal loan that could suit your needs.

You should also talk to the clinic or doctor’s offic e where you will be going for the procedure. They might offer some form of payment plan that can help you out. Some clinics for example will let you pay a deposit amount down to secure a spot on the doctor’s schedule with the ability to pay the full amount just before you undergo the surgery. Some women might try to pay for the procedure with their credit card but it is usually better to make one lump sum payment for the procedure since credit card debt interest rates are extremely high. Not only that, but many folks don’t have credit cards with enough balance to plunk another $9k down on top of the already bulging debt. Other clinics would also offer to lower their fees if you pay it in one lump sum.

Don’t be intimidated by the fact that tubal ligation reversal can be quite costly. There are financing options that are available to you, which you can try to use to take advantage of this medical procedure. And in the worst case, there is something to be said for saving up for a year or so to pay for it in full. You’ll be glad you did.