The Delicious Flavor Of The Coffee Pod

The coffee pod, or sometimes referred to as the coffee pad in some countries, are simply prepackaged coffee beans that are ground in a pre-made filter. These are commonly used in the Senseo type coffee brewer. By incorporating the coffee pod with their brewer, Senseo became known for being one of the easiest types of brewers for consumer use. But Senseo isn’t the only company to use coffee pods; the patent that they had created was only for the system that they have developed. So coffee pods can be utilized by other developers.

The pod’s popularity in the US and other countries is mostly due to its ease of use. Following along the same principles as the pod, developers have created a bag of coffee. A Coffee bag is much different from the pad due to the fact that it is not paired with a brewer, it is used like a t-bag. The reason to choose to use a pod or a bag is a matter of preference. One person might like a brewer because often they can be timed to have coffee ready in the morning before the person wakes up. Another person might like a coffee bag simply because it is more expensive to by a brewer than a package of coffee bags.

Besides simple coffee pods, there are also espresso pods. The espresso pod is different from the pod simply because of the difference in the brewing system. But much like a coffee pod they were invented to make brewing easier for both the consumer and the businessman man. This particular pod was invented for businesses in Italy. It was created to keep office personnel spending less time brewing for themselves and the rest of the staff so that they could spend more of their time working.