Timex Watch Straps – Keeping Your Watch Fresh

Timex watch straps are interchangeable and that is a great thing. I love Timex watches and honestly I can’t imagine ever living without one. I’ve probably been through at least half a dozen Timex Iornman watches so far. Not because they keep breaking, they’re sturdy and reliable, but because I just like to keep them fresh and change up my watch every few years. I used to be a chronograph guy, until I got into running, and then that all changed when I wanted to time laps and sprints and stuff. Now I’m training for an Ironman and thanks in part to when I decided to buy Time Ironman watches, I think that planted the seed! You can browse a lot of Timex watches on Amazon.

The Timex Ironman watch strap can be quite easily replaced depending on the type of cheap Timex Ironman watch you bought. The Timex watch bands are pretty inexpensive too which is what I love about them. Instead of getting a new Timex men’s watch, I’ll just get some Timex replacement watch bands and I’ve practically got myself a new watch! Now when looking to replace a Timex Ironman watch band, you want something that is waterproof. Now if you don’t really use your new Timex Ironman men’s watch or Timex Ironman ladies’ watch for water sports or working out then you can get away with a leather Timex watch band, but I prefer the rubber Timex Ironman watch bands for my purposes.

Replacing rubber Timex watch straps I find easier because they “give” you can stretch them to fit and this makes putting them on your Timex watches that much easier. Another great thing about rubber Timex watch bands is that they are dirt cheap. Practically free, as I mentioned earlier, if you head on over to Amazon, you’ll find Timex replacement watch straps for ten dollars or less depending on what you’re looking for. In my books that’s a no brainer.