Understanding And Using TED Hose Stockings

Let’s first start off with what exactly is TED hose? TED hose compression stockings are most often used by folks recovering from surgery where the recovery is long and arduous or for people who are bed ridden and unable to get up and move about often. The T.E.D. in TED hose stands for Thrombo Embolic Deterrent. That’s just a fancy term meaning that TED support hose tries to prevent you from getting and embolism. An embolism is simply a blockage of a blood vessel and this is often a blood cot caused by in the case of the legs, blood pooling in the legs and that encourages blood clotting as the blood cells aren’t moving around much.

To the left is a pair of TED hose compression stockings that help prevent this blood pooling in the lower legs. They act by applying pressure to the legs to help squeeze blood back up or at least make it harder to allow blood to pool in the legs. You can buy a wide variety of TED hose compression stockings at Amazon. An embolism is a problem because it can get dislodged and end up blocking other arteries or blood vessels where more danger can occur. For example a blood clot that dislodges from your leg and ends up in the brain can cause strokes, seizures and death. This is why moving around and/or using TED hose is so important.

So know you know why you need TED hose stocking if your doctor asks you to get some. But how do you figure out TED hose sizing? That’s easy, before you buy TED hose you need to measure your calf circumference as this determines size. You’ll measure the calf at its thickest point and you’ll also measure the length from the bend in your knee to the bottom of your heel. So for example if you have a calf circumference of less than 12″ and a length of less than 16″ you’ll buy TED hose small/long or TED hose model 7339. Visit Amazon and they have further details in helping you determine size of TED hose that you’ll need.