Menards Hot Water Heaters

Menards hot water heaters are very popular home hot water heaters and for very good reason. Menards offers a variety of tankless hot water heaters, and if you’re concerned about the environment then you’ll know that Menards tankless hot water heaters and tankless heaters in general are much better for the environment as they have a smaller footprint. Let me explain why this is the case.

Tankless water heaters, like the Rinnai tankless water heater or Bosch tankless water heater and especially the Menards hot water heaters don’t need to store pre-warmed water in a tank as the water is heated instantaneously as needed. Because of this lack of tank, these water heaters like the Menards water heater last twice as long and aren’t wasting money and electricity by pre-heating the water that might or might not be needed.

There are a couple of things to consider when looking to buy Menards hot water heaters or when looking for a cheap tankless hot water heater and that is whether you need a gas powered Menards hot water heater or an electric tankless hot water heater. Obviously, if you have gas hook up you can choose either. And as a rule of thumb, a gas powered tankless hot water heater can provide more hot water instantaneously for larger families that need more hot water at one time. Most water heater companies like the Navien tankless hot water heater and the Noritz tankless water heater offer propane tankless water heaters so your choices are quite endless. If looking for an electric tankless water heater, you could do worse than the Bosch PowerStar electric tankless water heater which will provide a very adequate replacement for a regular 40 gallon tank.

One last tip to keep in mind. Look for tankless water heater rebates from the different manufactures including Menards hot water heaters, and remember to choose one that has a GPM (gallons per minute), or how much hot water it can provide or at least 8 GPM.