Finding And Buying Second Hand Forklift Trucks

Finding second hand forklift trucks can be harder than you’d think it would be. So I want to help give you some ideas as to where you might be able to buy used forklifts for your business. As a smart business person, you recognize that forklifts are expensive and saving money by buying a cheap forklift truck is a sound business decision. A new forklift for example will cost an easy $15k and oftentimes much more than that depending on the features and what you need it to do. There are also a whole slew of forklifts with different options and specs that can add to or subtract from the total price. And if you want a forklift that can carry a particularly heavy weight, well then you’ll expect to pay a lot more.

So a forklift that can carry substantially more than the 5,000 pound “average” forklift truck, will cost a multiple of the weight it can pick up. So for example if a 5,000 pound spec forklift truck will cost at least $15k then forklifts for sale that can carry say 35,000 pounds or 7 times the weight will cost at least 7 times more. So a heavy weight rated forklift of 35,000 pounds will cost at least 7 times the $15k or at least $100k.

Now buying used forklifts for sale will save you 50% or more off of the retail price of a brand new Hyster forklift. And I have found the best places to buy second hand forklifts is at government surplus auctions. You might have to wait a few months until a suitable second hand forklift truck becomes available but you’ll often get them at a terrific price. Another place to look for second hand forklift trucks is on Alibaba. This is a large manufacturing website where you can get info on and products on just about anything, but you’re often dealing with international folks. Another alternative for finding an excellent yet cheap used forklift is by phoning around the warehouses in your local area and letting them know you’re looking at buying a used forklift truck for sale. You could end up scoring a sweet one at a great price that way.