Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science

This is a subject that has raised many questions, but where you are trying to find out which pays better, or which is more or less complicated, you first have to understand what one studies and the other doesn’t. Choosing the path to go whether will be computer engineering or computer science will be solely and entirely up to you. As you will notice that there are many differences between both that will make you consider one subject more than the other.

The first step we take when making a comparison such as computer engineering vs computer science is understanding what both subjects mean and what areas are more related to each. Computer Engineering is related to the buildup of your systems hardware, it is more detailed towards the designing of hardware and devices. It includes as well the logic that relates to electrical engineering. This subject involves the study of display engineering, multimedia computations, image and speech processing, the recognition of patterns, networking, computer perception and sensors, also the robotics, the architecture of computers, and VLSI systems.

When it comes to computer science, we move towards the area which studies the principles and laws of handling information, theories which are used for the designing and implementation of them. Subjects that take part in the study of computer science are AI (artificial intelligence), software systems, principals of computation, algorithms, networking protocols, operating systems and others.

This gives us the basic understanding of what both subjects studies and the areas that each get more involved with, now when looking at salary wise, we can basically compare the average of the payments which are given to someone that is hired to work in a field that relates completely to the subject in question. Meaning, a person that recently majors in Computer Engineering might find him/her self soon working as a Systems Engineer (Computer Networking / IT) receiving the average salary between $50,120 – $76,737 per year when working for a company, and someone majored in Computer Science might find themselves working in the area of Information Technology/IT as a Systems Administrator or Network Administrator, having the annual salary of up to $73,762 per year. These statistics were taken from PayScale.

As mentioned before, choosing which path to take will be up to you, you can find more in depth information by visiting this complete Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science comparison. If by any chance your computer is running slow check out this page to help you answer a basic question: Why does my computer keep freezing up or running very slow?