Cuisinart Vs Keurig

Choosing between Cuisinart vs Keurig

On the left hand side of this Cuisinart vs Keurig fight, we have the Cuisinart, and on the right hand side we have the Keurig. To be more specific we’ll be looking at the Cuisinart DCC-1200 vs Keurig B60. Is this a fair fight?

In this Cuisinart vs Keurig head to head we’re really dealing with a drip coffee maker like the Cuisinart and a single serve coffee maker in the Keurig. The Keurig and the Cuisinart are evenly matched in price however, both having a list price or retail price at around $150 as I write. However, Amazon is giving great savings of over 50% on the Cuisinart, but I won’t be taking that into consideration in this Cuisinart vs. Keurig review.

It’s hard to say which one wins. The Keurig single cup brewing machine is obviously great for single serve coffees and being able to offer your guests individual coffees to taste. The Cuisinart drip coffee maker is great for being able to brew a pot of coffee if everyone is okay with drinking the same kind of coffee.

Both the Keurig and Cuisinart coffee machines have around 50% off their reviews being 5 star, but the Cuisinart coffee machine has over twice as many reviews as the Keurig. Also when comparing Cuisinart vs. Keurig you’ll notice that about 12% of the Keurig single serve coffee maker reviews are 1 star whereas the Cuisinart fully programmable drip coffee machine has only around 6% of their reviews as 1 star.

On top of this, the Cuisinart has a 3 year warranty compared to Keurig’s one year warranty. So when everything is said and done, I’d rather have a drip coffee maker if I had to choose one. But if I was looking for a second or a backup coffee maker then I’d go with the Keurig. So in this Cuisinart vs Keurig match up the choice is not that clear cut.